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Media Giraffe Prospect List

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name city state firm type
Zuckerman, Ethan Lanesborough MA Global Voices Online / Berkman Center technical, democracy
Ziegler, John Los Angeles CA John Ziegler -- KFI-AM Los Angeles radio, politics
Young, Karen Chicago IL Media Democracy Chicago Inc. prospect
Yeon Ho, Oh Seoul, SOUTH KOREA OhmyNews.COM local
Yelvington, Steve Augusta GA BlufftonToday.COM -- Steve Yelvington newspaper, local
Xia, Bill Raleigh NC Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. firstamendment
Wormley, Cheryl B. Woodstock IL Woodstock [Ill.] Independent ownership, weekly
Wood-Lewis, Michael Burlington VT Front Porch Forum local
Wood, Frank Green Bay WI Green Bay News-Chronicle / Frank Wood pgiraffe
Wilson, George Erie PA Family Newspapers of America group
Wilson, Josh San Francisco CA / Independent Arts & Media news, political, sustain, individual
Williams, Lisa East Watertown MA Placeblogger / local, sustain
Williams, Eesha Brattleboro VT Grassroots Journalism education, local, book
Williams, Evan San Francisco CA Twitter social media, technology
Wilhelm, Rachel Seattle WA Center for Communication and Civic Engagement research