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Richard Anderson
Camden, ME

87 Elm St. Suite 104-A
Camden, ME 04843
Work: 207-236-8468

"Yes, we surely have thrown away some money that would have been nice to have. But it is highly worth it. I mean you think about the opportunity to maybe really put yourself -- or put this community -- on the map as being the founding place of this new industry standard whether it is the Village Soup-licensed product or five other versions of Village Soup. Or somebody's even got a better version than we have, and a slicker way to get there, or a cheaper way to get there or something, but that we would be identified as where this concept started."

pioneering web-only site in Maine/now includes paper

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UPDATE: Nov. 11, 2009: "There's something going on in Maine"
UPDATE: VillageSoup acquires weekly paper rival (June 17, 2008)
In his mid-50s, Richard Anderson ceased operations of his Chicago and Boston textbook development business and followed his children to Camden, Maine. In 1997, he and a son started http://www.villagesoup.com , a news-and-community website, forging relationships with hundreds of advertisers with database-driven listings and in-depth, 24-by-7 news. In 2003, he started two weekly newspapers to supplement the websites, and went to $1.4 million in revenues in 18 months from nothing, and is in competition with three absentee-owned, 100-year-old weeklies. He's invested over $5 million so far. Is web-to-print the next wave?

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