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Michael G. Orren
The Daily Peg (PegasusNews.com)
Dallas, TX

8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 605
Dallas, TX 75231
Work: 214-363-9304
Fax: 214.363.9304

"There is definitely a moment here where people are realizing that particpatory journalism if not the way is at least a way of the future. I'm making the bet that participatory journalism without some sort of traditional component to carry it day to day is not going to be a financially viable business model. If you are providing CJ only when someone is there with the time to write about it, you are always going to be a second read. What we're trying to do is provide the consistence of the basics of the news by having people who are paid every day to worry about what is on the site. We're not by any means trying to supplant the incumbent daily newspaper. We also want to be an outlet where if you want to read just one thing a day for the Dallas area, it could be us. If we have an innovation on the content side it is doing journalism as a hybrid."
Mike Orren, in a March 28, 2005, interview with The Media Giraffe Project

trade-press journalist started local web news operation in early 2006, acquired July 2007 by Seattle-based Fisher Communications

July 17, 2007: Pegagus News acquired by Fisher Communications.

Oren describes the first year of Pegasus News operation (OJR-Jan. 7, 2007)

A Duke University graduate, Orren left a position as publisher of Texas Lawyer magazine to start "The Daily Peg", which was in pre-launch in July 2005. He intends to mix citizen-written blog postings with staff-written journalism, initiallhy in the Dallas metro area.

Below is Mike Orren's bio from the Pegasus News website (http://blog.pegasusnews.com/2005/04/pleased_to_meet.html):

"Mike Orren . . . has been trying, unsuccessfully, to extricate himself from the media business ever since his first attempt at hard-hitting journalism led to the emergency evacuation of his high school. He was a key leader of both the relaunch and re-relaunch teams at D Magazine in the mid-nineties. Disliking the monotony of steady paychecks, he struck off on his own, briefly attempting to launch a Texas Monthly-esque magazine in his native North Carolina (and inadvertently winning some awards along the way). Finding that he missed Dallas, he moved back and took the reigns of Texas Lawyer from 2001 until several days ago. Mike is the author of most of the material on this blog, except for anything with which you disagree. Gary wrote that stuff."

On Feb. 2, 2006, Orren commented in a post on the BuzzMachine blog:

"I thought I was populist as hell, but troubled at this utopian idea that the people are going to rise up and cover their own news. What that really means is that the information is only created by and available for the most active and engaged (dare I say affluent) citizens. From where I sit the vast majority of consumers are still couch sitters, and most citizen journalism experiments (like mine) have found that the CJ’s are like gold, but rare. People are much more likely to post a comment or a photo than to cover a council meeting. And even though I’ve got a team of volunteer journos who do such things (although we’re doing concerts and band interviews), it would never happen unless someone organized it. And, in the end, that organizer will be a capitalist."

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