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Mary Lou Fulton
NorthwestVoice.COM / Bakersfield Californian
Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, CA 90000
Work: 661-395-7358

weekly newspaper started by daily with heavy web component

Below excerpted from "Open Arms for Open-Source News" by Daniel Terdiman (http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,64285,00.html):

Following in the footsteps of past community journalism projects that sought to give individuals a voice in local news, as well as the growing trend in news-like blogs, The Northwest Voice is giving residents of Bakersfield's northwest neighborhoods near-total control of content. An editor is on hand largely to ensure that articles, letters and photographs submitted through the publication's Web-based content-management system adhere to a minimal set of standards, and to choose the best submissions for inclusion in the print edition.

"What's different about the Northwest Voice is that we're taking the explicit approach of asking people in the community to be the writers and photographers," said the Voice's publisher, Mary Lou Fulton. The people say what's important to them "rather than having a handful of journalists make those judgments on behalf of the community."

Below from http://www.opensourcejournalism.org/blog/2004/09/about-northwest-voice.html:

In May 2004, a community weekly newspaper and Web site serving Northwest Bakersfield made its debut. This new product, The Northwest Voice, combines a traditional model (a community weekly newspaper) with a new approach to content (have the community to contribute most of the content via the Web.)

Below from http://www.mediacenter.org/content/6139.cfm:

Fulton is the founder of The Northwest Voice, one of the first citizen journalism publications to be started in the newspaper industry. Fulton's background spans both newspapers and technology. She started out in the newsroom, working for the AP and later for the Los Angeles Times. At The Times, Fulton was a community news reporter and editor for six years, and among her assignments was serving as the founding editor of City Times, the community news section created after the 1992 riots to improve coverage of Central Los Angeles. Fulton moved to the online world in 1995 when she joined The Washington Post's new media division and later became Managing Editor of washingtonpost.com. Fulton also held senior management positions at a number of online companies, including America Online, GeoCities and HomePage.com, before returning to the newspaper business in 2003 when she joined The Californian. A native of Yuma, Arizona, and a second-generation Mexican-American, Fulton holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Arizona State University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.