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Gene Gibbons
Executive Editor
Washington, DC

Pew Research Center
1615 L St. NW -- Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
Work: 202-419-4450

daily state government reports on the web

Below short bio on Gene Gibbons from http://www.stateline.org/live/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=223&languageId=1&contentId=-1:

Stateline.org executive editor Gene Gibbons covered six presidents and nearly three decades of political developments during a 29-year career as a wire service journalist. He was Reuters' chief White House correspondent for more than 12 years, and before that spent more than 16 years covering Congress, politics and the White House for UPI.

Gibbons served on the board of the White House Correspondents Association and is a past president of the Radio-Television Correspondents Association in Washington. In 1992, he was a panelist in the third Clinton-Bush-Perot presidential campaign debate. It was seen on television by 97 million Americans - at the time, the biggest audience ever for a political broadcast.

Gibbons has also appeared on CNN's Inside Politics, Nightly Business Report, C-SPAN's Journalists' Roundtable and numerous other news programs.

Below excerpted from the Stateline website (http://www.stateline.org/live/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=142&languageId=1&contentId=-1):

This Web site, staffed entirely by professional journalists, was originally envisioned primarily as a resource for newsmen and newswomen who cover state government. Using computer technology as a delivery vehicle, we proposed to arm these news-gatherers with timely tips and research material on state policy innovations and trends, enabling them to make their reporting more informative and useful to consumers. This, we believed, would help nourish public debate of important state-level issues such as healthcare, tax and budget policy, the environment, welfare reform and other issues that in recent years have not gotten the media attention they deserve.

But our readership has grown far beyond our original target audience and now includes thousands of state officials, students of state government and ordinary citizens who want to keep track of what's going on in their state capitol and in other states throughout the country.