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Bill Collins
Minuteman Media
Rowayton, CT

P.O. Box 273
Rowayton, CT 06853
Work: 203-846-1109

op-ed page service with 1500 subscribers

Below from the Minuteman Media website:

Minuteman Media distributes sound, progressive opinion to places where it is sorely needed -- smaller newspapers nationwide. These newspapers subscribe, because they don't get such material anywhere else, and it's free. It also helps balance the flood of free columns that comes in daily from the prolific Right.

Each weekly packet carries six columns and a cartoon. Typical topics are: Peace and Disarmament; Women's Rights; Environment; Campaign Finance; Media Watchdogging; Civil Rights; Agribusiness; Government Whistleblowing; Poverty; and Consumer Action.

Editors covet this diversity because that's what their readers want. In the Farm Belt, for example, they love the ag pieces.