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Brian Dominick
Syracuse, NY

203 Bassett St.
Syracuse, NY 13201
Work: 315-423-4783

It just is a whole lot of work and sacrifice to produce some that we didn't think was getting the kind of support that was necessary . . . we never once published a story that we thought people wanted to read, we published stories that we thought people needed to read . . . that was an intended byproduct of our structure . . . we weren't promoters . . . we think that the content should have sold itself."
Brian Dominick, in a May 27, 2007 interview with UPRising Radio

An alternative news site focused on original reporting, and organized as a collective; the New Standard closed April 27, 2007.

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On May 27, 2007, The New Standard ceased publication of new articles, but its archives remain. UPRising Radio provides a story and audio report.

NewStandard is a five-member collective which produced an alternative news site from Syracuse, N.Y. The focus is on national stories. In a blog post, the founders describe their ownership an operating structure, and compare themselves to other media collectives.

Below from http://newstandardnews.net/promo2/?action=show_about_us:

Brian Dominick co-founder, editor Possessing more than 10 years of experience in alternative media publishing, Brian Dominick has worked as a journalist, editor, web software developer and print/site designer. He has helped build numerous print publications and more than a dozen content-driven websites. For the past four years, Brian has been the primary software developer at ZNet, planning and implementing most of that site's interactive features and content management systems. He has also worked in various editorial capacities at ZNet, and has written for Z Magazine/ZNet, as well as more than 50 other publications, over much of the past decade. Brian is also an avid orator, having addressed well over 200 audiences on topics ranging from alternative economics to media analysis to social movements. He has extensive experience with collective organizing, participatory education and community activism. Brian is currently Middle East editor at The NewStandard.

Below from http://newstandardnews.net/promo2/?action=show_about:

"The NewStandard presently provides uncompromised investigative journalism and 24-hour news coverage of current events in three major topic areas: the war in Iraq; civil liberties and security; and US business and economy, all presented from a people's perspective. PeoplesNetWorks will soon expand its topics of coverage both nationally and internationally and will complement this reporting with the tools and connections required to respond to and impact newsworthy events. Together, PeoplesNetWorks and The NewStandard aim to bridge the alienating gap between people and the events that affect them.

"In striving to achieve this goal, The NewStandard has developed a form of news reporting that places integrity and relevance at the core of journalism. The sensationalism, commercialism and thinly-veiled biases you have come to expect from news media have met their nemesis."

Other staffers: Jessica Azulay, MIchelle Chen, Brendan Coyne, Catherine Komp.

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