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Jonathan Lawson
Seattle, WA

Reclaim The Media
927 22nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122
Work: 206-709-0558

Photo Linked From: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/ABPub/2005/02/28/2002192536.jpg

Seattle-oriented media activism/watchdog NGO

The Consumers Union website HearUsNow.org profiles Lawson briefly because he serves on its advisory board:

"Jonathan is a co-founder and director of Reclaim the Media, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization promoting community media, media literacy and media policy reform.

During the last two years, Reclaim the Media has played a catalytic role in the growth of a national movement focused on democratizing media policy. Jonathan also directs organizing communications for the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME.

He is a four-year veteran of the Independent Media Center movement, and co-hosts the weekly creative music program Flotation Device on KBCS. His articles on media issues have appeared in numerous publications. Jonathan studied at Guilford College and the University of Washington, and holds a Masters degree in Theological Studies from Harvard University."


See Time To Retool the FCC for the Public's Interests by Jonathan Lawson.

Below from http://reclaimthemedia.org/about.php?PHPSESSID=732d01d32147a69c38c95b9fe75eb354:

Reclaim the Media envisions an authentic, just democracy characterized by media systems that inform and empower citizens, reflect our diverse cultures, and secure communications rights for all.

We advocate for a free and diverse press, community access to communications tools and technology, and media policy that serves the public interest.

Three broad themes guide our projects:

  • We work to change media policy at the local and federal level, so that the structure of our media favors the public interest, rather than a powerful few.
  • We teach media literacy education because citizens need to understand how news can be shaped by journalistic habits and by powerful commercial and political interests.
  • We support community media because we cannot entrust our history, our culture and our democracy to the consolidated media empires alone.

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