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Gary Gilson
Executive Director
Minnesota News Council
Minneapolis, MN

12 South 6th St. -- #927
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Work: 612-341-9357

nation's oldest news council / independent non-profit

Below from http://www.news-council.org/about.html:

In their various forms news councils are designed to promote fairness in the news media by giving members of the public who feel damaged by a news story an opportunity to hold the news organization . The Minnesota News Council, now in its 34th year, is unique for its endurance. Its role has been expanding in recent years to reach out to the media and the public to create awareness that will reduce the reasons for complaints.
The News Council began holding public hearings on complaints in 1971 and has issued determinations in over 130 cases, upholding half of them (see index). About eight percent of complaints filed ultimately go to a hearing. Many are dropped by the complainant, some are settled before a hearing, and others are not accepted for hearing because the complaint lacks focus.