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Abby Scher
The Public Eye /
Political Research Associates
Somerville, MA

1310 Broadway -- Suite 201
Somerville, MA 02144
Work: 617-666-5300

"Right now Wall Street demands huge profit margins from media companies of 25 percent margins that they don't demand from other sectors and that's bad. It gives the media corporations permission to extract ever more from the news operations. The U.S. Government will never cap profits, so I am not hopeful. And that's why IPA is determined to strengthen the independent sector and to strengthen the reporting there really challenges the status quo. And good reporting can stimulate copycat reporting in the corporate sector, so we're hoping for a trickle up effect, but I don't expect wholesale change."
Abby Scher, in a June 25, 2004 discussion forum.

Photo Linked From: http://leadershipforchange.org/awardees/images/123.jpg

Scher edits the quarterly publication of a small progressive think tank which tracks right-wing movements; she formerly ran the Independent Press Association of New York

Abby Scher, a sociologist and journalist, is editor of The Public Eye at Political Research Associates. A 2003 recipient of the Ford Foundation's Leadership for a Changing World award. Until 2005, she was director of the Independent Press Association of New York.

While at the IPA, she authored the March, 2001 directory: "Many Voices, Once City: the IPA Guide to the Ethnic Press." , which included more than 200 listings.She also served as coeditor of Dollars and Sense, an economic justice magazine based in Boston, for many years, and served as publisher of its book business. Her articles on civil liberties, media issues, economics and organizing have also appeared in The Nation, In These Times and Contemporary Sociology.

Below excerpted from the Independent Press Association-New York website (http://www.indypressny.org/contact.shtml):

The IPA is a nonprofit that supports independent publications committed to social justice and a free press. If you publish in the public interest, you need the IPA. Since our founding in 1997, over 575 magazines and newspapers - large and small - have taken advantage of our technical assistance manuals, distribution broker, vendor discounts and revolving loan fund. We've learned we are stronger when we work together.

National IPA programs include a loan fund; an environmentally friendly paper-buying program; BigTop Newsstand Services, a distribution program; New Voices in Independent Publishing, a leadership and fellowship program for mid-career journalists of color; a job board for independent publications, and a pension plan. Visit the IPA programs page for more information on these projects.

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