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David Brewster
Founder, Publisher
Seattle, WA

Crosscut Public Media
1411 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1027
Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle-based online news, started for-profit, but switched over to a nonprofit model

From the Crosscut website:
"Based in Seattle, Crosscut is a daily guide to local and Northwest news, and a forum where writers and citizens with many points of view can report and discuss local news. News coverage as traditionally practiced by mainstream media outlets coexists with advocacy journalism and opinion. Crosscut is a general-interest news site, with coverage ranging over politics, business, arts and lifestyle, and the world of ideas. It does thoughtful and fresh analysis of the important issues of the day, not routine breaking news."


February 2007, Seattle Times announces the launch of Crosscut.

October 2009. Crosscut moved from for-profit to nonprofit. Announcing the news on their website, publisher David Brewster said that after years of trying to build a for-profit model, they now believed the best model for the future would be nonprofit:

"...I began to suspect that an advertising-only model for revenue was not going to support high-quality journalism. The migration of advertising to the Web had slowed and the rates were staying low. The board weighed further investment against other models, notably the public-broadcast, member-supported model."

Helping to finance this move will be grants from the Seattle Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with $50,000 from individual donors.