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Robin Sloan
Web Team
Current TV, EPIC -- Future of newspapers
San Francisco, CA

118 King St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Work: 415-995-8219

"Actually, I think that if things came to pass exactly as we laid them out . . . that would be pretty bad . . . if it really was the case that all the people were contributing and doing their things but it was all through a network and this prism that was all owned and controlled by this one company, that would be fairly bad that was owned by this one company, that would be fairly terrible. Assuming though it follows the trend that has actually demonstrated itself on the web -- there are big players but things are a lot more distributed . . . I think would be good, or at least could be good for democracy."
Robin Sloan, in an Aug. 2005, interview with MGP research Allison Davies

Flash re death of newspapers 2011

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Robin Sloan is co-creator of the online scenario, "EPIC", created in September, 2004, while Sloan and Matt Thompson worked at The Poynter Institute, in St. Petersburg, Fla. In August, 2005, Media Giraffe Project researcher Allison Davies interviewed Sloan.

For background, EPIC, listen to WNYC's On The Media interview of Dec. 2, 2005 with Thompson For some, Google stands for a new model in advertising, and reflects the increasingly interconnected nature of our media and economy. But do we really want total omnigooglization, as the French call it? "On the Media's" Brooke Gladstone's speaks with Matt Thompson, creator of an eight-minute Internet movie entitled "Epic 2014," wherein the future media landscape is dominated by a single company: Googlezon.

Check out his blog with EPIC co-creator, Matt Thompson: Snarkmarket

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