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Pete Stidman
Alliance for Community Journalism
Roxbury, MA

17 Copley St. -- #2
Roxbury, MA 02119
Work: (617) 620-1989

"There was a portion of the population I wasn't reaching, didn't know about the paper, or weren't being engaged with the newspaper. I wanted a way for us to be able to interact with them better. I guess I'm sort of obsessed on having a handle on everything that's going on in Boston."
-- Pete Stidman, May 17, 2007, at the New England News Forum

A city-weekly reporter, Stidman formed the alliance in early 2007 to develop web collaboration among small urban and ethnic publications

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Pete Stidman was wrapping up his first year as a reporter for the community weekly, the Jamaica Plain Gazette, when he aligned with other neighborhood reporters. They've formed the Alliance for Community Jounalism with three goals for 2007:

  • Develop news websites in collaboration with outlets that foster greater interactivity and civic involvement within neighborhoods.
  • Create a citywide online resource (BostonBee.com) highlighting neighborhood and ethnic news websites and blogs.
  • Host the first in a series of nitty-gritty local-reporting workshops. The first collaborative website is JPGazette.com . The aggregation website, BostonBee.com , is entering development. Stidman described the project at the New England News Forum event at the Boston Public Library on Thurs., May 17, 2007. Click on the video link above to view the two-minute video of his presentation.