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Lyng-Hou Ramirez
Grupo de Diarios America -- Lyng-Hou Ramirez
Miami, FL


848 Brickell Ave. -- #1000
Miami, FL 33131
Work: 305-577-0094

Detailed 06-04-05 by FBI while covering event

Excerpted from http://rcfp.org/news/2005/0609-new-journa.html:

In June of 2005, more than a dozen local law enforcement officers and Secret Service agents detained journalist Lyng-Hou Ramirez of Grupo de Diarios America for one hour Saturday at an Organization of American States meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., according to a complaint she filed with OAS. She was not told why she was detained, she said.

Ramirez is content director for the Miami-based Grupo de Diarios America, which compiles information from 11 newspapers in Latin America. Ramirez recounted the incident in an interview and in her complaint. She said she was exiting the Broward County Convention Center when deputies stopped her, saying she was not at an authorized exit. The deputies asked to see her credentials, and questioned her about pictures she had taken and about details of her driver's license and press pass. They also inspected her purse and briefcase.

The sheriff department's chief of security and two Secret Service agents subsequently questioned her about her credentials and immigration status after she told the chief that she was from Venezuela. She said that agents were mocking her for not carrying a green card and knowing the date she obtained legal resident status. She told the officers that the OAS press office could confirm her credentials, but the agents declined.

"They said this was international territory because of the conference," she said. "They said 'we make the rules, not them.'"