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Don Hazen
AlterNet -- Independent Media Institute
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA
Work: 415-284-1420

Photo Linked From: http://www.princeton.edu/~paw/archive_new/PAW05-06/03-1019/News_Hazen.jpg

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The following material comes from the AlterNet.org website:

AlterNet is a program of the Independent Media Institute (IMI), a nonprofit organization which empowers people with independent journalism, information, and media tools.

IMI is dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent journalism, and to improving the public's access to independent information sources. We believe democracy is enhanced and public debate broadened when more voices are heard and more points of view are made available.

In addition to AlterNet, IMI has two other programs: WireTap, an online magazine for socially conscious youth and the SPIN Project, which trains grassroots and advocacy groups in communication skills.

WireTap is an independent information source by and for socially conscious youth. The magazine showcases investigative articles, personal essays, opinion editorials, artwork and activist resources to give young people a voice in the media. WireTap is a place for a new generation of writers, artists and activists to network and organize.

The SPIN Project
The SPIN Project (Strategic Press Information Network) provides media technical assistance to nonprofit public-interest organizations across the nation who want to influence debate, shape public opinion and garner positive media attention. SPIN offers public relations consulting, including comprehensive media training and intensive media strategizing and resources to community organizations across the country. We are growing the capacity of organizations to get their voices heard and do more effective media work on issues important to the future of our society

Funding for AlterNet comes from private foundations and individual donors. Funding for SPIN comes from private foundations and from fees for service, and WireTap is funded by private foundations.


AlterNet was originally part of the Institute for Alternative Journalism. An unflattering background story about the IAJ, from 1997, is at the Radio4All website, authored by Ron Curran of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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