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Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock -- "Super Size Me"

moviemaker: MacDonald's Super Size Me

See Morgan Spurlock's blog.

Below from http://www.supersizeme.com/home.aspx?page=aboutmovie:

Academy Award Nominee, Morgan Spurlock, producer/director/guinea pig of Super Size Me, was sitting on the couch at his childhood home in West Virginia on Thanksgiving 2002, stuffed with turkey and all the fixings, when the concept behind Super Size Me came to him.

"I was so full and was watching the news when a story about the two girls suing McDonald's came on the TV. I immediately called Scott (Ambrozy, Director of Photography) and told him the idea. When he finished laughing, he said 'That's a really great bad idea.' By the time I got back to New York, we were already in pre-production on it."

A native of West Virginia, Spurlock is an award-winning writer, director and producer. He is also the founder of The Con, the New York based production company behind the film whose goal is to level the playing field in the world of production.