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David Beers
Editor / Founder
The Tyee
Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC
Work: 604-688-7483

An ex-daily paper editor, Beers founded a non-profit local news site for Vancouver and British Columbia with a unique business model of funding from foundations, advertising and user donations.

From http://thetyee.ca/About/Intro/:

In November of 2003 The Tyee began its swim upstream against the media trends of our day. We're independent and not owned by any big corporation. We're dedicated to publishing lively, informative news and views, not dumbed down fluff. We, like the tyee salmon for which we are named, roam free and go where we wish.

Bio from thetyee.ca/Bios/David_Beers/:

David Beers is founding editor of The Tyee. He was senior editor at Mother Jones magazine before moving to Vancouver in 1991. Since then, he has won national awards for his journalism in Canada and the United States, writing for The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Harper's, National Geographic and many other publications. During a three years stint at the Vancouver Sun he edited the "Fate of the Strait" environmental series, recipient of Canada's National Newspaper Award for Special Projects; invented and edited the cultural section Mix; served as Chief Features Editor and wrote a weekly essay on social and political issues.

He is author of Blue Sky Dream, a memoir of growing up in Cold War California suburbia. He is a founding member of IMPACS, a Vancouver non-profit firm providing media help to non-profit groups, former vice chair of the Vancouver City Planning Commission, and a lecturer at the UBC School of Journalism.

April 16, 2009. In this video from journalism.co.uk, Beers talks about raising $15,000 from Tyee readers to cover elections.