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John Temple
Editor & Publisher
YourHub.com / The Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO

100 Gene Amole Way
Denver, CO 80204

"In my view, citizen journalism and traditional journalism can move on two tracks, wide tracks to be sure. And they will cross-fertilize each other. Citizens will learn from traditional journalists. And traditional journalists will also learn from what citizens are doing, in part because citizens may be less bound by tradition and thus more open to experimentation."
John Temple, in a blog post, March 31, 2006.

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Innovative editor of major Denver daily has pioneered network of weekly newspaper inserts chock-full of citizen contributions which start on companion community websites

Newspapers & Technology, a trade publication for the newspaper industry, reports on the syndication of the YourHub platform by the Denver Newspaper Agency, where John Temple is based.

John Temple is editor and publisher of the Rocky Mountain News, one of two daily papers serving Denver, Colo. His newpaper on April 9, 2005 announced a set of local-news community weblogs for Denver and its suburbs.

Two months later, the Denver Newspaper Agency, which prints the Rocky, added tabloid print weekly zoned inserts in the physical paper (and in the sister Denver Post) carrying excerpts from the blogs. "'YourHub.com represents a significant shift in the way we think about modern newsgathering,'" Temple was quoted as saying, because the Web site would drive the print edition rather than the other way around.

Some weekly newspaper publishers around Denver poo-pooed the idea

This approach was pioneered by VillageSoup, , in Camden, Maine.

In so doing, Temple became one of the earliest U.S. mainstream newspaper editors to embrace so-called "citizen journalism."

On March 31, 2006, John Temple wrote a rejoinder to another article about citizen journalism and traditional journalism. In it, Temple takes to task Samuel Freedman, a journalism professor at Columbia University, for suggesting the two cannot co-exist and benefit from each other. Temple also writes a weekly column,/a> on the news business which often speaks about the paper's relationship with its readers, and the Internet.

Temple helped the Rocky win a Pulitzer Prize and was named president of the paper in 2001, adding the title of publisher later that year, when he was age 48.

OTHER RESOURCES: Photo of Travis Henry, YourHub managing editor.

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