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Steve Garfield
Video Blogger
Boston, MA

steve (at) stevegarfield.com
Boston, MA 02130
Work: 617-448-6958

"Up until a few years ago, the tools of video production were out of reach for the average consumer, people were still using dial-up modems to access the web, and creating a web page required learning HTML. Everything has changed. Now you can get an entry level Macintosh with iMovie and an iSight camera, and publish video to the web with the click of a button. Citizen Journalism is all about people telling stories. Video Blogging is an exciting new easy way for people to get their stories seen and heard. We need Citizen Journalism to break through the filter of corporate media."
-- Steve Garfield, writing about citizen media at videoblogging.info

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Garfield, after a career in software development at several Boston companies shifted to mainstream video production and has become a early proponent of video blogging or "vlogging".

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Steve Garfield is a Boston-based proponent of video blogging, or "vlogging." He is also a correspondent for RocketBoom.com, the New York based five-day-a-week, three-minute comedic online news magazine started by Andrew Baron.

Garfield has posted his own biography.

Garfield grew up in Lynn, north of Boston, and initially studied accounting at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Later, he worked at the student paper, selling ads, ran a photogrpahy co-op, was a campus DJ and switched to business management, working for Boston-based computer companies after his 1980 graduation.

Garfield was one of the organizers of the VloggerCon convention in New York in 2005 and the June 10-11, 2006, VloggerCon planned for San Francisco.


Garfield's answers to Clare Lyons-Montgomery, a graduate student in the Department of Screen and Media studies at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. She is conducting research into the cultural aspects of video blogging.

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