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Denise Andrade
Grassroots Media Coalition
New York, NY

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition c/o Paper Tiger Television 339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
Fax: (212) 420-8196

"In organizing media makers the coalition seeks to provide a space to look critically at the NYC indepedent media movement and organize for increased resources for local communities and for media advocacy. The coalition will work to provide a format through which independent media makers can communicate, collaborate and strategize ways to increase awareness of community organizing campaigns through media making."
from NYC Grassroots Media Coalition website

From the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition website

The New York City Grassroots Media Coalition (NYCGMC) is a growing alliance of media makers, artists, independent media organizations and community based organizations. They are interested in working towards a more democratic media in NYC.

NYCGMC uses volunteers for all of its work. They encourage a wide variety of people from all race, class, sexuality, ability, age and gender classes. Diversity is one of their most important proponents of building a strong media justice movement in New York City.

NYCGMC is a branch of Paper Tiger Television (PTTV.) PTTV is also a volunteer-based non-profit organization promoting media literacy, operating since 1981. PTTV believes in increasing public awareness of the negative influences of mass media, and involving community in the media making process.

The main goals of NYCGMC are to strengthen networks of local grassroots media and to serve the communities of New York City.