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Helen Grieco
Our Media Voice
Tiburon, CA

P.O. Box 1333
Tiburon, CA 94920
Work: (415) 646-0475

"Our goal is a socially responsible media that is accountable to the public. We envision a time when young people can grow in a healthy media environment with programming that inspires, enlightens and empowers...a time when media becomes a vehicle for creating a healthy, sustainable, democratic society. "
From the Our Media Voice website

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Our Media Voice focuses on broadcast television and its role to educate the community avoiding stereotypes, lack of diverse perspective and limited coverage of critical issues.


Our Media Voice is headed by Helen Grieco; she and her organization strive to "educate citizens on their media rights, build a national coalition for media accountability; establish local campaigns for media activism and to create a socially responsible media."

Their hopes are to create a media that is socially responsible and accountable to the public. Voice sets goals which strive to create a media that promotes a healthy environment for young people and creates programming which inspires and enlightens. They hope to use media to create a sustainable democratic society.

Our Media Voice's vision encompasses 'MEDIA: Media Empowering Democracy In Action!' They are fighting against mass media's pervasive violence, stereotyping, lack of diverse perspectives and limited coverage of the critical issues of our times.

Voice says our media today is owned by companies who have too much of a role in what our media focuses on, and what the public views every day.

Our Media Voice started in 1999 by "The National Women's Media Compaign" to bring forth stereotyping, sexual exploitation and violence in media. It transformed into "Campaign for Positive Media" once the group started to include men's rights.

The campaign focuses on broadcast television although it has always been about all forms of media. Their key question is "how do we bring in the voice of the public to balance the power of media conglomerates and ensure that the vital interests of the public are truly served?"

The Our Media Voice campaign believes the public has the right and the responsibility to give its opinions to the media and through the media and they are becoming a stronger positive force for media and democracy.