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Vickie Elmer
Vickie Elmer / Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN 0000

business editor quit Star 01-13-05 over staff cutbacks

Below excerpted from 'Indy Star' Top Business Editor Exits with a Blast at Gannett by Joe Strupp (http://www.mediainfo.com/eandp/search/article_display.jsp?schema=&vnu_content_id=1000753146&WebLogicSession=QcltkdBASrNQ6io3kPOWiQ5IrDGKHDg8gDZ9pp21QDkJZ91GlUDO%7C5861010864811319588/177738805/6/7005/7005/7002/7002/7005/-1):

Apparently fed up with what she termed Gannett Co.'s tightened "grip on the paper," Vickie Elmer of The Indianapolis Star left her job Thursday afternoon as top editor of the business section.

In a frank memo, first posted on the Poynter Institute's Romenesko site, Elmer, 43, stated why she was leaving the paper's assistant managing editor/business post, which she has held since late 2003. Her reason: "[A] fundamental and philosophical disagreement with senior management over the direction, readership and staffing needs of the Business section. ... I leave hoping for the best for The Star, as Gannett tightens its grip on the paper and its people."

Indianapolis Star editor Dennis Ryerson challenged Elmer's claim that she had been unable to hire new people for her staff. "I am looking to replace her, as well as hire a deputy business editor, a reporter and a business columnist," he told Editor&Publisher magazine in Jan. 2005. Meanwhile, Elmer told Joe Strupp that the Star experience "has given me pause about Gannett. The whole staffing resources issue. They're not hiring a sizeable enough staff. There is not enough of a sense of being able to do good work." Posted at 2:00:23 PM E-mail this item | QuickLink this item: A77012