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Newell Nussbaumer
President / Founder
Buffalo Rising LLC
Buffalo, NY

121-R Norwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222
Work: 716-400-8745

Photo-heavy local news/entertainment website linked to monthly glossy magazine

Described by reviewers as "a local blog for the creative class" and as "think WikiPedia + photo gallery + local entertainment guide", Buffalo Rising's Joan Fedyszyn was interviewed briefly on Tom Ashbrook's "On Point" National Public Radio interview program on Jan. 6, 2006: Ashbrook Q: Can anybody post? A: "Some are volunteers and some are online people. There's a core group and then also people that volunteer that have expertise in many areas. So we're really able to get a lot of information from people that sometimes don't really have access to a larger audience." Q: Is it just as good as a traditional newspaper to your mind? A: It's different from a traditional newspaper. We focus totally on the city of Buffalo. But what makes us I think really dynamic is that we have great graphics, we're able to do great slide shows, great visuals. But what the real strength is we are able to post comments immediately that people send after they read our posts."