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Laurie Garrett
Laurie Garrett -- quit Newsday
New York, NY

New York, NY 10000

"Now is the time to think in imaginative ways. . . . Opportunities for quality journalism are still there . . . your readers desperately need for you to try, over and over again, to tell the stories, dig the dirt and bring them the news."

(From http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=90&e=2&u=/ep/20050302/en_bpiep/lauriegarrettofnewsdayripstribunecogreedinexitmemo)

quit Newsday 2-28-05 with public memo re "greed" in chains

From "Laurie Garrett of 'Newsday' Rips Tribune Co. 'Greed' in Exit Memo" (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=90&e=2&u=/ep/20050302/en_bpiep/lauriegarrettofnewsdayripstribunecogreedinexitmemo):

"The deterioration we experienced at Newsday was hardly unique," she wrote in the memo, describing the past few years. "All across America news organizations have been devoured by massive corporations, and allegiance to stockholders, the drive for higher share prices, and push for larger dividend returns trumps everything that the grunts in the newsrooms consider their missions. Long gone are the days of fast-talking, whiskey-swilling Murray Kempton peers eloquently filling columns with daily dish on government scandals, mobsters and police corruption. The sort of in-your-face challenge that the Fourth Estate once posed for politicians has been replaced by mud-slinging, lies and, where it ought not be, timidity."