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Michael Schaefer

"We love the idea of citizen journalism and believe it is a great and needed balance to corporate journalism--not as a substitute to it but to enhance freethinking. Corporate journalism is a must, and we need its access and power to shine light on the issues of the day, but citizen journalism has its place with unedited and mindful inquiries in concert with, or that slip pass, the mainstream media. Therein lies one of the main differences between corporate and citizen journalism: the editing; and whereas one may sometimes have too much and the other sometimes too little, a balance can be struck. We want to support the growth of citizen journalism by making it easier for more people to be introduced to it via a simple guide and portal. There are a great many brilliant bloggers out there in the blogosphere who need the support of all of us; better citizen journalism makes better corporate journalism, and this is a balance that will benefit all of us."
Michael Schafer, on the DeepBlog website

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Website aggregates information about local news blogs in the United States

Michael Schaefer is building an index site guide to blogs categorized by topic, starting from a home page, where he writes that he's building: "An easy-to-use guide and portal to quality blogs for newcomers to the blogosphere." Schaefer also has a personal blog site.