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John Ziegler
Talk-show host
John Ziegler -- KFI-AM Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA 90000

Photo Linked From: http://www.campaigndesk.org/images/ziegler.jpg

conservative blog/talk show

Excerpted from an interview with Susan Q. Stranahan at http://www.cjrdaily.org/archives/001415.asp:

[Stranahan]: The Atlantic profile of you made this observation: "[I]t is a fallacy that political talk radio is motivated by ideology. It is not. Political talk radio is a business, and it is motivated by revenue. The conservatism that dominates today's AM airwaves does so because it generates high Arbitron ratings, high ad rates, and maximum profits." Do you agree with that assessment?

[Ziegler]: In general, yes. Of course it is a business, just like every other news-oriented medium. However, the only reason the audience stays long-term is that it is a credible source of information and entertainment. Conservative talk works best because it is different from what people are getting elsewhere in the liberal and politically correct mainstream media.

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