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Adam Gaffin
Boston, MA

Boston, MA 02101
Work: 508-490-6433

Photo Linked From: http://www.cmswatch.com/uploadedimages/features_feature_image_1001364640.jpg

Veteran technology writer has started a stand-along news blog for the Boston ("the Hub") area

Adam Gaffin is executive editor, online, for Network World, a trade magazine which is part of the Boston-based International Data Group publishing enterprise. Earlier in his career, he worked for suburban newspapers and he has now launched UniversalHub as a sideline interest.

UniversalHub.com is using open-source Drupal-based software and is among a number of local-news websites innovating with RSS feeds from contributing-writer weblogs. This is discussed as a concept at Poynter Institute post.

Gaffin is also the author of the classic"Everybody's Guide to the Internet," (July, 1994) a how-to guide book to the Internet that is updated online and is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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