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Robert McCannon
Action Coalition for Media Education
Albuquerque, NM

2808 El Tesoro Escondido NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120
Work: 505-839-9702
Fax: 505-839-9702

"This election we'll see $1 billion spent on political ads. In the last 12 years, big media profits from political ads increased 200 percent. Political ads turn people off. But, guess what? The "news" seldom mentions changing the system."
Bob McCannon, in a June 22, 2004 op-ed column in the Albuquerque Tribune

A non-profit, volunteer coalition seeking to spotlight media problems and spotlight smart media creation and consumption

The Action Coalition for Media Education will gather media education experts, media reformers, public health advocates, interested citizens, and independent media producers at Burlington, Vermont's Champlain College from October 6-8, 2006 (Columbus Day week-end) for its third continental media education summit. The summit is entitled: "Facing Our Media Crisis: Taking Action, Finding Solutions".


The Action Coalition for Media Education is a non-profit, volunteer network linking media educators, health advocates, media reformers, independent media makers, community organizers and others. It has chapters in New Mexico (Albuquerque), Missouri (St. Louis), New York City, California (San Francisco) and Vermont and in formation in Massachusetts and elsewhere.


  • Distributes and promotes media-literacy curricula that encourage critical thinking and free expression
  • Examines the corporate media system, and inspires active participation in society
  • Advocates independent media-making as a critical part of a democratic society and vibrant culture
  • Supports local, state, and national media reform efforts.


    "A multitude of organizers, community members, students and educators have witnessed, for decades, the powerful impact that real media education can make in the lives of children, teenagers, women, groups of color, and all of us who live in this media-saturated world. From small organizations to prominent leaders, media activists have made considerable headway in promoting democratic values, challenging censorship, fighting for equality and confronting corporate interests in the media.

    "ACME seeks to build on those efforts by connecting educators, students, parents, media makers, public health advocates, and citizen activists, and helping them to identify and create educational resources that will inspire citizens, especially young people, to actively engage with media in a way that will support healthy lives, healthy communities and a healthy democracy. "

    ACME's website offers a PDF download of a resource guide for media educators.

    Among its initiatives are an ongoing set of curricula for high-school instructed entitled Media Literacy Monday and an annual effort to education students about the dangers of alcohol abuse called Tackling the Beer Barons. and an anti-teen smoking initiative called "Smoking Out Big Tobacco."



    Robert McCannon is an educator and media activist who co-founded ACME and is now its first vice president and vice president, training. He has taught at Albuquerque Academy, and served as founding executive director of the New Mexico Media Literacy Project (1993-2005).

    With an undergraduate degree in psychology and German history and a graduate degree in learning theory and technology, McCannon has taught history, advertising and media in middle, high, and graduate school. He does over a hundred presentations, workshops, and keynotes per year, nationally and internationally. He has developed many nationally recognized and widely used media literacy curricula and resources which include many audio CDs, CD-ROMs and videos.

    He is known for his educational and inspirational approach to teaching skills needed to successfully address media issues such as addiction, violence, technological education, parenting, reading skills, self-esteem, productivity, motivation, cynicism, news, democracy, compulsive consumption, debt and stereotyping. He pioneered his “hypermedia” approach to Socratic dialogue in the 1980’s, when multimedia software matured, and he consulted widely for Apple Computer. He led Albuquerque Academy into a position of technological excellence.

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