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James Steyer
Common Sense Media Communications
San Francisco, CA

500 Trat Ave. -- Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94110
Work: 415-643-5800

rating children's TV shows

From the Common Sense Media website (http://www.commonsensemedia.org/about_us/):

Our Philosophy: Sanity not Censorship We believe that parents deserve another choice besides saying "no." Media is fun, and our kids love it. We exist to keep it fun. By creating a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, we aim to make the media producers accountable to families and urge them to invest and promote programming that serves the interests of our kids.

Our Mission To give parents, educators, and kids a choice and a voice about the media they consume. We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Membership is free. Our goal is to provide trustworthy information and create a forum where adults and kids can learn from each other, speak out, and participate in creating a responsible and enjoyable media environment for everyone.