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Matt Thompson
Deputy Editor -- Interactive Content
Minneapolis Star Tribune -- McClatchy Newspapers
Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN 00000
Work: 800-829-8742

"We wanted to get people thinking about a really different model for what news could look like in the future. At first when we were presenting this, journalists were getting scared, but they weren't really taking it very far beyond that. So we mixed the presentation up a little bit and decided to present as if this future, that we imagined, had already happened."
Matt Thompson, in Dec. 12, 2005, interview with WNYC's "On the Media"

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Flash re death of newspapers 2011

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Matt Thompson, with a Poynter Institute colleague Robin Sloan, co-authored the Internet movie, EPIC, which poses questions about the future of news. To listen to a audio interview and view the movie, see our profile on EPIC co-creator, Robin Sloan

Or, listen to WNYC's On The Media interview of Dec. 2, 2005 with Thompson Write's "On the Media's" Brook Gladstone: "For some, Google stands for a new model in advertising, and reflects the increasingly interconnected nature of our media and economy. But do we really want total omnigooglization, as the French call it? "On the Media's" Brooke Gladstone's speaks with Matt Thompson, creator of an eight-minute Internet movie entitled "Epic 2014," wherein the future media landscape is dominated by a single company: Googlezon. "

Media Giraffe Project interview with Robin Sloan.

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