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Steven L. Clift
E-Democracy / Democracies Online Newswire
Minneapolis, MN

3211 East 44th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Work: (612) 822-8667

"My goal is organize everyone who is interested in using the Internet to make their community, democracy and, what the heck, our world a better place. Using democratic intent to improve the outcomes of governance and citizen participation through the intelligent and effective use of information and communication technologies is my strategy . . . [w]e have to accept that the quaint, Norman Rockwell image of a town hall meeting is smashing up against the reality of our busy lives . . . . if representative demoracy is not available anywhere at any time then it will not survive the information age . . . if you miss a meeting, you should be able to use online tools [to catch up].”
Steven Clift, on his website in an Aug. 25, 2005 Media Giraffe Project interview, and in a speech (MP3 to right)

Photo Linked From: http://www.publicus.net/pictures/stevencliftcolor.jpg

Clift gathers information about how governments can use the net to connect with citizens and distributes it through speaking engagements and via an email listserve.

Download/play MP3 audio
Download/play MP3 audio

UPDATE: -- Oct. 18, 2007:
Steve Clift explains his eDemocracy.org website -- citizen-to-citizen civic engagement -- in in Oct. 18, 2007, MGP interview conducted at the Online News Association convention in Toronto.

UPDATE -- Oct. 9, 2005
Clift has begun a comprehensive RSS feed page which provides constantly-updated links to blogs which deal with local news and democracy-enabling websites: http://dowire.org/drupal/?q=aggregator/sources


Steven Clift is an online strategist and public speaker focused on the use of the Internet in democracy, governance, and community. He describes himself as having worked for the last decade to "fundamentally improve democracy and citizen participation through the use of the Internet." He says he seeks to "change the world one e-mail at a time."

About Democracies Online Newswire:

DoWire is a source for what's important and happening with the convergence of democracy and the Internet around the world. DoWire is a free, low volume, moderated e-mail announcement list. Launched in January 1998, DoWire claims to connect over 2,750 experts, practitioners, journalists, and citizens across 80 countries. Each week, e-democracy expert and speaker Steven Clift forwards, with occasional analysis, no more than seven carefully selected messages. Posts include news, article, and report web links, event and conference announcements, calls for papers, and often uncover important "primary source" online resources, projects, and initiatives of significance. On July 26-27, 2005, Clift's DoWire held an International Symposium on Local E-Democracy. Click HERE to link to the symposium page.

(An excerpt from the E-Democracy Guide for Creating Online Issues Forums
"For more than a decade, we have explored the frontiers of online citizen participation. We have found the power of the Internet to inform and engage citizens to be exciting to some and quite challenging to others. Despite these conflicting viewpoints, most observers agree that the era of online citizen engagement remains in its infancy and its potential has yet to be achieved. In this new environment, we are explorers and innovators charting a new course. We are laying a foundation and creating approaches and tools that can transform the role of citizens in a democratic society."

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