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Julia Wallace
Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta, GA

See Julia Wallace's profile on the ASNE site at: http://www.asne.org/index.cfm?ID=4396 and her Bio Box from the ASNE site: http://www.asne.org/index.cfm?ID=4397


E&P names Julia Wallace 2005 'Editor of the Year'

Editor & Publisher has named Julia Wallace of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 'Editor of the Year' for bringing the passion, discipline, and top newsroom talent that has transformed Dixie's most storied daily into a newspaper for an utterly changed Southern metropolis. "In sprawling, inchoate Atlanta, Wallace is using a combination of old-fashioned watchdog journalism, new-fangled packaging and design, and a think-global-write-Atlanta philosophy," E&P's February cover story, published Monday, says. "Her goal: to construct a newspaper that can prevail in a market already roiled by the economic and demographic upheaval that is likely to be the future for many other big-city dailies." The AJC (as nearly everyone there seems to call it) was also one of the few major metros to show a healthy circulation hike in the latest ABC report. We have all the elements of greatness here, and the number one thing that can make it or screw it up is an editor, and she is making it work, and showing us what great leadership can do," says Hank Klibanoff, the AJC managing editor/news who was recruited by Wallace from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

EXCERPTED FROM: http://www.mediainfo.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000770026