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K. Paul Mallasch
Muncie, IN

400 E. Jackson
Suite 42
Muncie, IN 47305
Work: 765-228-1943

"We have all these great tools online now to build virtual communities. No one's really giving these tools to the people, though. I want to give them the tools (and direction and encouragement) to tell their own stories."
K. Paul Mallasch, in a Media Giraffe Project interview in Nov. 2005

"Muncie Free Press is a news and information source by the people and for the people. MFP is more than just news - it's a conversation." - K. Paul Mallasch

UPDATE: December, 2006:
An ePluribusMedia member from Indiana has posted a Q&A interview with K. Paul which explains why Mallasch has launched Indiana Free Press.

Also see Paul's LocalJournalism.Net site, just launching, which will track citizen journalism efforts.

Mallasch has started a new blog,
"Journalism Hope".

On July 4, 2005, K. Paul Mallasch issued his own "Declaration of Independence" when he left the Muncie [Ind.] Free Press, a Gannett-owned daily, and started the "Muncie Free Press," his own local news blog. Mallasch, who had worked in newspapers for years, working up to new-media editor at the Muncie paper, wanted to try a more independent approach.

"If nothing else, I'm hoping start-ups like this make big media realize that the citizens, truly, are the most important part of the operation. If they don't, may Muncie Free Press be the nudge for other journalists out there sitting on the fence about starting up their own thing," Mallasch said in one interview at the Hypergene.net blog site.

Here are a couple of Mallasch's thoughts on citizen journalism during his most recent Good Beer Show podcast:

Podcast Site: http://goodbeershow.com/

Full Podcast: http://goodbeershow.com/podcasts/37GBS.MP3

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