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Ken Sands
Online Publisher
Spokane Spokesman Review
Spokane, WA

999 West Riverside Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
Work: (509) 459-5014

"If print circulation and advertising drop significantly, there's probably no way an increase in online revenue can make up the difference. Who's going to pay all of the reporters and editors? Maybe those of us who are left in the future will simply aggregate and edit the news that's provided by citizen journalists."

-- Ken Sands, in an April 1, 2005, post to the OnLine News discussion list at the Poynter Institute website.

One of the most innovative daily newspaper web editors; a pioneer at reader feedback via blogs and newsroom openness


SpokesmanReview.com is the on-line edition of The Spokesman-Review, Spokane’s 106-year-old daily newspaper and the largest news and information provider in the Inland Northwest.

Nationally recognized as a leader in interactive journalism, The Spokesman-Review invites readers to submit comments regarding issues of the day, and about our information products. Readers can send letters to the editor, make comments in the reply forms which are attached to each story on our Web site, or offer blog posts.

Launched in 1894 by Publisher William H. Cowles, The Spokesman-Review has been owned throughout its history by the Cowles family of Spokane. Members of this family continue to reside in Spokane and are actively involved in civic betterment efforts, as well as in the operation of Cowles Publishing Co. Today, William Stacey Cowles, representing the fourth generation of his family to oversee our newspaper, serves as Publisher.

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