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Amy Gahran
I Reporter
Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO
Work: 303-554-5550

"One thing that often holds people back from doing citizen journalism is that they don't feel like they know enough about an issue or event to cover it well. I'll let you in on a secret of journalism: You don't have to be an expert to be a good reporter. In fact, it helps to embrace your learning curve and just be willing to start reporting from wherever you happen to be along that curve."
Amy Gahran, on her blog site, I, Reporter

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A project to inspire, guide, and educate citizen journalists and the media organizations who work with them

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I, Reporter is a collaboration of two people, Adam Glenn, and Amy Gahran. Gahran describes herself as a content strategist, info-provocateur, writer, editor, trainer, and project manager. After getting her journalism degree from Temple Univ. (1990), she worked as a journalist, editor, and managing editor. In 1997 she went independent as an online content consultant. In 1998 I started CONTENTIOUS, which offers news and musings on how we communicate in the online age. Gahran has been described as an "evangelist for citizen journalism."

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