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Dori Maynard
President / CEO
Maynard Institute for Journalism Education
Oakland, CA

1211 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA 94612
Work: 510-891-9202 ext. 312
Fax: 510-891-9565

"Journalists have to learn to get outside of the comfort zone. You know, we live in such segregated communities that we don't bring a broad understanding of the complexities of our communities to the work place. So, we need to get out of the office and go into those very neighborhoods that we might otherwise avoid. We need to go to the churches, the barbershop, the schools and start to get to know people as people and not as stats."

Dori Maynard, in a March 24, 2004 interview with Leonard Witt (see link under "Read More" below)

Provides seminars, workshops and courses that help media managers understand how race, class, gender, generation and geography affect their coverage

SPEECH: Diversity in the Media: Why it matters

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