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Matt Flood
New Media Manager
Boulder Daily Camera (E.W. Scripps Co., owner)
Boulder, CO

1048 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Work: 303-473-1303

Community blog site for Boulder, Colo., owned by the major daily newspaper in town


"Welcome to your new online community gathering place.

"Like our cities and towns, each community Web site is a growing, evolving community that depends on its citizens, clubs, groups and organizations to shape its identity.

"We'll supply the most comprehensive compilation of the latest news headlines from the Daily Camera and publications across the region, as well as news briefs from local governments, schools and local sports teams/leagues.

"Now we need you to provide the nitty-gritty details that make your community special. No news is too small - from Little League to college scholarships, professional accolades to pie-baking contests, volunteer opportunities to neighborhood watch programs.

"Besides posting news to our online community, the Daily Camera will take the best of the news you submit and publish it in your Daily Camera.

"MyTown is a portal Website or gateway to a number of community specific Websites. They include:

  • MyBoulder.dailycamera.com
  • MyBroomfield.broomfieldenterprise.com
  • MyErie.dailycamera.com
  • MyLafayete.dailycamera.com
  • MyLongmont.dailycamera.com
  • MyLouisville.dailycamera.com
  • MyMountainTowns.dailycamera.com
  • MySuperior.dailycamera.com

    For an excellent FAQ on how to use the Boulder blog, see: