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Martin Vogel
BBC's iCan / Action Network
London, UK

4th Floor D6
BBC Broadcasting Centre
London, UK W12 7TP
Work: +44 20 8008 5381

"Under its Royal Charter, the BBC has an obligation to support democracy and the national debate. Action Network is an attempt to discharge this responsibility in a new way. The low turnout at 2001 General Election was the trigger to launching the project. Research after the election revealed a growing problem of people feeling alienated from mainstream politics, and uninterested in the media’s coverage of it. People are less interested in the processes of politics than the issues which affect their lives. Action Network provides:
  • A means for people to attempt to influence those issues
  • A media space where those issues can be covered"

    -- from the BBC's description of the Action Network goal (see link below)

  • Photo Linked From: http://ia300142.us.archive.org/1/items/Martin_Vogel_BBC/MartinVogel.jpg

    The BBC's answer to community blogging -- by issue and location


    The BBC runs Action Network as an open forum for people to influence issues they care about. Most of the content is written by the public and reflects their views. Content provided by the BBC is clearly marked. A two-page MSWord document describing the BBC's plans for Action Network is available HERE.


    Martin Vogel runs BBC iCan, an innovative website which helps people participate in their communities. iCan has been running for 18 months, and will be relaunched as BBC Take Action. Martin joined the BBC in 1989 as a journalist and worked for a number of years in the BBC's radio and television newsrooms and covering Parliament. He spent some time as an adviser to the Chief Executive of BBC News then as business development manager, developing BBC News services for new technologies such as broadband internet and mobile phones. He has also worked as a reporter in commercial radio, with Radio Clyde in Glasgow , as a community worker in south-east London and as an MP's research assistant at Westminster . He went to Durham University , where he studied Sociology, and completed an MBA at the London Business School.

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