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Chris Nolan
Website Editor, Writer
Politics From Left To Right
San Francisco, CA

1819 Polk Street #317
San Francisco, CA 94109
Work: (415) 771-7133

"I like to think all democracy is participatory- if not we are in big trouble."

focuses on the intersection of politics, technology and business in San Francisco; she has coined the expression: "Stand Alone Journalist"

Politics from Left to Right, was started in July, 2003 by its editor, Chris Nolan. The website "focuses on the intersection of politics, technology and business in San Francisco, California and on the national scene." Other writers who contribute to the website include, Josh Trevino, Christopher Brauchli, and Deborah Klosky.

Nolan, originally from the East Coast, was born in Baltimore, and holds her B.A. degree from Barnard College. Before becoming editor of Politics from Left to Right, Nolan covered Congress and politics for Washington, D.C. television trade magazines. Nolan has also had her work appear in The Washington Post, The New Republic, Fortune, Business 2.0 and Conde Nast Traveler.

Nolan is known for her reporting on Silicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone. Credited with breaking the story on him, Nolan helped to lead to Quattrone's eventual conviction of obstruction of justice.

Nolan has coined the term, "the stand alone journalist." Her website states, "The way current events in this country are discussed is under dramatic and sweeping change. It's just getting started. Readers like you, tech-savvy, sophisticated, interested in the world around them, don't get all their news at one time in one place. Instead you receive information throughout the day from a variety of sources, in a host of ways, as things happen or as their interest is piqued." She continues to define stand-alone journalism by stating, "A journalist, or a small group of reporters, can work on the web to produce what they want as they find it appropriate. And readers are equally free to read the work of individual journalist as they see fit, on their time, not on schedules set by TV networks or the newspapers."

Nolan currently is a freelance writer with no existing contracts. She is in the process of raising money for her website so the eventually it can be her primary source of income. The website currently runs on the software Six Apart's Moveable Type, and has cost her around $3,500 over the last two years. According to Nolan, "some of the tools that designers and site engineers use were just launching," when she began her website. She believes that for someone trying to begin their own website today, the expense would be much less. Nolan also attributes some of her expenses to the fancier ads she uses on the website.

Nolan believes that her greatest risk in beginning her website ways to have, "the faith and resilience to adapt to technology out here," since she had moved to California from the East Coast. She has also said, "it's not easy to launch a website with out [having] a salary."

Nolan believes that a large problem journalism faces today is a, "passive press, [and] reliance on access." She continued that no one today really leaves the newsroom to do investigative reporting, and that management encourages people to stay in the newsroom. She also said about reporters, "People in business have an inability to see [that] we aren't all friends."

Nolan said she is motivated to write on her website because, "There is not a lot of good journalism in established media." Nolan believes the future of journalism lies in online sites. She said, "A lot of smart people are going into online media now." On her website she states, "The media business is changing. Dramatically. And it's only going to get more thrilling for all of us."

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