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Tom Joyner
BlackAmericaWeb.COM -- Tom Joyner Foundation
Dallas, TX

P.O. Box 810565
Dallas, TX 75380-1565
Work: 972-789-1058

"This is more than just a website . . . We want to bring together the African-American community like no one has ever done before."

(from http://www.tjms.com/site.aspx/misc/aboutus:

An excerpt from the REACH media website (http://www.reachmediainc.com/):

REACH Media Inc. is not your typical media company. Founded by nation.s No. 1 syndicated urban radio host, Tom Joyner has created a company built on the solid foundation of one of the most power communication and marketing vehicles in the country: The Tom Joyner Morning Show aired in more than 115 markets, reaching eight million listeners. There is not another show like it in the country; there's no other company like REACH Media Inc.

With the strength of the show, REACH Media is a company that is building and managing products that inform, educate and entertain consumers on air, in print, online and in-person. In turn, it is creating effective tools for advertisers to target their messages to African-Americans in multi-media, cross-promotional platforms.

And from the Black America Web site (http://www.tjms.com/site.aspx/misc/aboutus):

In launching BlackAmericaWeb.com, Tom Joyner, host of the nationally syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning Show," endeavored to create an interactive, easy-to-use Internet community and comprehensive source of information for and about African-Americans. Providing visitors with relevant news and information produced by original writers and the Black press, and tools that help site visitors make informed decisions that affect their daily lives is our goal.

Joyner envisions BlackAmericaWeb.com as a vehicle to leverage his tremendous popularity and to create a one-stop source that will bring African-Americans together. "This is more than just a website," said Joyner, the site's founder and principal, whose morning drive time show is heard by more than 8 million people in more than 115 markets. "We want to bring together the African-American community like no one has ever done before."

The site, which is Joyner's latest enterprise, builds off his drive to "inform, entertain and empower" African-Americans. BlackAmericaWeb.com is building upon the unparalleled ability of Tom Joyner to mobilize African-Americans.