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Brian Lamb
Chairman & CEO
Washington, DC

Washington, DC 00000
Work: 202-626-4874

"What it's going to be in five years we have no idea. it's changing rapidly how people interact with information . . . it's hard though because people who like neat little boxes and structure are going to be unhappy with the fact that they have to work harder in finding the information and no one organization anymore is going to supply them with the information they need to know."
Brian Lamb, in an MGP interview, March, 2006

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Lamb has headed for over 30 years a unique non-profit service of cable industry around scrupulous devotion to non-partisan coverage of political and policy events and what one commentator calls a "cult of non-personality."

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On Nov. 5, 2007, Lamb was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, along with several other recipients in a White House ceremony.

Brian Lamb started spinning records as a high school student in Lafayette, Ind. He read body counts from Vietnam as a Pentagon press aide in the Navy. In 2003, Lamb received the Harry S Truman 'Good Neighbor Award.' (Read the award profile.)

Brian Lamb, cofounder of C-SPAN, the Cable/Satellite Public Affairs Network -- and commonly called "America's best listener," spoke with MGP about his experiences and his company's role in an evolving media world.

Though he said he has conducted thousands of interviews over his career, he has edited himself out of most. He is said to have never spoken his own name on the air and holds his employees to the same standard. He philosophizes that ego taints information, and he along with his company have recorded, rather than reported, on the goings on in the House of Representatives and other government bodies for nearly 30 years.

He says C-SPAN, a non-profit entity funded by the cable industry as a public service -- is unlike other cable news organizations because it differentiates itself from the commercial cable news television political conversation that is often based on profit, personality and punditry rather than objectivity.

"The media is a business. We are not. They have no legal responsibility other than to make money," he says. "We want to let anybody in the country who's interested see their government making the laws, making decisions and talking about the issues without analysis and interpretation from people like us."

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