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Karen (Jo) Lee
Providence, RI

197 Ivy Street
Providence, RI 02906
Work: 401-338-5445

Photo Linked From: http://thephoenix.com/secure/uploadedImages/The_Phoenix/News/News_Stories/070202_inside_jolee.jpg

email advocacy service for grassroots organizations

The Boston Phoenix profiled Joe Lee with other web political activists in February, 2007

From the Citizenspeak website (http://citizenspeak.org/):

CitizenSpeak is a free web-based advocacy service that allows grassroots organizations to incorporate email campaigns into their communications strategies. With CitizenSpeak, organizations enable their members to email targeted decision-makers one-on-one messages with a single click. CitizenSpeak strengthens organizations' lobbying efforts by putting immediate pressure on decision-makers and by providing reports on participation.