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Zack Rosen
CivicSpace Labs / Chapter Three LLC
San Francisco, CA

660 York St., Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 94110
Work: 415-593-7700

Photo Linked From: http://chapterthreellc.com/files/zack_head.jpg

ex-Dean folks / Drupal-based group org system/Mitch Kapor$$

UPDATE, Dec. 2, 2007:
Zack Rosen is no longer with CivicSpaces: http://www.zacker.org/about
Also: http://chapterthreellc.com/about_us

From the CivicSpace website:

Our history

CivicSpace Labs is a funded continuation of the Deanspace project which provided web sites and other tools to a vast ad-hoc network of organizations supporting Howard Dean for President in 2003. We are veterans of both the Clark and Dean campaigns and we are now building the tool-set of our dreams.

The Big Idea

CivicSpace is an integrated and extensible platform of online organizing tools for all manner and size of organizations. Our offering is in active development and will not be complete until at least Q2 2005 but is already servicable and in active use by over 150 organizations.

Much of the current work on the CivicSpace platform involves making existing functionality easier to use. The process of installing, configuring, and administering a CivicSpace site is getting consistently simpler and more intuitive with every release.

Some things that are practical to do today with CivicSpace but that will be much quicker and easier to do with CivicSpace 1.0 include donation processing, bulk email fundraising campaigns, and designing a new look ("theme") for your CivicSpace site. Our goal is to provide a software platform that is as easy for new users to set up and use as a Yahoo! Group, but that is virtually limitless in its depth and customizability for experienced users with nuanced needs.

The most significant functionality addition to the current software that we will deliver in version 1.0 is an enterprise-strength contact management database that will enable CivicSpace to support a variety of applications conceptually related to the field of Customer Relationship Management. Read on to see our roadmap of what you can do with CivicSpace today and what's coming next.

See also: "Re-Wiring the Future of Community Organizing", by Francis Raven, EDC Center for Media & Community