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Paul Bausch
Corvalis, OR


Corvalis, OR

inventor of the first blogging software; founded Blogger

EXCERPT FROM: "Blog Days Are Here" by Mary Ann Albright http://www.gazettetimes.com/articles/2005/01/25/news/community/tueloc01.txt

Paul Bausch, a Corvallis Web developer who helped launch the Internet company Blogger, reigns as one of [PC Magazine's] 2004 People of the Year, a title he's relishing.

"It's a really nice honor," he said. "PC Magazine is the Newsweek of the tech world."

Bausch likened a blog (short for Weblog) to a mini-newspaper.

"It's a publishing outlet," he explained. "It's a collection of postings, organized in reverse-chronological order, often with responses to postings. It's like an editorial page."

Bausch studied journalism at the University of Nebraska, where he earned extra money tinkering with computers and doing programming. After graduating, he moved to California. Two college friends were starting up a Web project management service and hired him on.

The three techies used Weblogs internally to communicate with each other about the business and soon decided that the general public would also benefit from blogs. And so, in August 1999, Blogger was born.

In less than five minutes, people could register a name for their page with Blogger and get their own Web space to publish on. People no longer needed to be able to write HTML, the Internet coding language, to have a Weblog. And there was no cost for the chance to chronicle their observations, rants and opinions for all to read.