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Saskia Fischer
Media Empowerment Project -- UCC / Ford
Washington, DC

919 18th St. NW #950
Washington, DC 20006
Work: 202-263-2581

United Church of Christ-funded media access/accountability

From http://www.ucc.org/ocinc/mep/about.htm#staff:

About the Media Empowerment Project
A Project outline

MEP has partnered with four diverse communities around the country. These are: the Metro Detroit area, Michigan; the towns of Edenton and Tillery in North Carolina and San Antonio, Texas. For more information about the four projects, please visit our MEP Partner Communities page.

Enabling the formation of community campaigns, coalitions (or both), that collectively identify key local concerns, evaluate the media’s performance on them, and describe community-media relations in depth.

  • Based on this research, empowering communities to design and implement appropriate and effective strategies for change in media access, accountability or policy at the local or national level (or both).
  • With consultation from an advisory committee of activists, and community organizers themselves, producing materials useful to this and other campaigns.
  • Making widely available these resources as well as materials documenting the community organizing experiences as models for practice, and train pubic interest media advocates to carry grassroots efforts forward.
    . . .
    Saskia Fischer is the Project Manager for MEP. Of Indian and Dutch descent, Saskia was raised in Europe, and came to the United States to attend graduate school. Her main focus of study was the relationship between media and immigrants' identities in the United States. After graduating with a Masters Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication, she worked as a union organizer for the American Federation of Teachers in Philadelphia. Saskia has been involved in community arts projects and grassroots media as well as independent video production.