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Christopher A. Shumway
Citizens Media Corps
Citzens Media Corps
Brookline, MA

c/o Stephen Provizer
23 Winslow Road
Brookline, MA 02446

community radio training in Boston area

Summary for Citizens' Media Corps (from http://www.abfreeradio.org/cmc.html):

Citizen's Media Corp will function both as an educational resource working "in the field" and as a broadcast organization. As educators, we will provide historical context as well as hands-on experience in media. Then, through contacts in media, we will provide outlets for work done by those whom we have taught. We will work with organizations to help them implement tools for communication and will also sponsor events that bring the community and the media together. Supplementing the direct educational work we do will be a public awareness campaign utilizing lectures, billboards, print articles, PSA's and the broadcast facility we help to organize, whether it be radio, TV or Internet. This campaign will focus on illuminating aspects of the media that generally remain hidden or under publicized, in the hopes of fostering a more educated and participatory community of media consumers.