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John W. Little
Editor / Founder
Ubuntu Video
Houston, TX

100 Gray
Houston, TX 77002
Work: 832-605-8427

Creates systems that facilitate participatory journalism

John Little is a health-care business systems analyst, technology and marketing consultant and pen-source advocate who operated the site "Take Back the News," in 2003-2005. The site is no longer active.

He is best know for his blog, Blogs of War.

He now operates Ubuntu Video, a a video portal that takes the best Ubuntu Linux operating system and open source related videos on the Internet and centralizes them in one convenient spot.

"There are many goals - demystifying Linux, providing support to Ubuntu users, crushing Linux myths, even educating people about free and open source software," writes Little in an email to the Media Giraffe Project.

He says Ubuntu Video was also created to inspire open source software users to create and share digital media. Technology enthusiasts, open source advocates, developers, and software end-users can all create and share content that educates, entertains, and furthers the open source revolution.

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Little writes on the Blogs of War website:
"Most folks know me as the creator of Blogs of War. The site has evolved quite a bit in the three or so years that it's been around. At times the focus has leaned heavily towards politics (and political humor) but I'm currently focused on aerospace, defense, and technology issues. The site is heavily read in defense, intelligence, media, and federal government circles . . . I don't actively seek the spotlight, but Blogs of War has been covered by countless media outlets (you can see a few here) around the globe."

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