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Marc Ash
Executive Director
Encinitas, CA

P.O. Box 231278
Encinitas, CA 92023
Work: 213-489-1971

". . . [P]eople who aren't very familiar with our work want to know if we're beholden to the DNC, the RNC, the FBI or the DMV. We're not. We are supported by our readers alone. And those readers are the only people to whom we're beholden. If I can point to one thing that defines Truthout - that makes us unique - it's that we have accepted these readers as our sole supporters. And while that interdependency may occasionally be a bit stormy, it guarantees that whatever issues arise will be worked out between our organization and the community that we serve. The corporate hand will never rule here." Marc Ash, in an April 2007 "About Us" statement.

Photo Linked From: http://forum.truthout.org/blog/images/2.lgo.tm_01.jpg

Founder of the liberal political news/opinion site; former fashion photographer

TruthOut.org posts an "About Us" page.

See William Rivers Pitt speaking on the role of the media in the election at the University of the District of Columbia.

Below excerpted from the transcript of that address (http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/01/24/1542220):

I was sitting around in my friend's house the day after the inauguration watching, you know, a moment of total masochism. I turned on CNN. To keep an eye on the -- I'm apparently engaged with a footrace with the blizzard trying to get home -- trying to figure out where this was, and they were doing a segment on the guys who prepare George W. Bush's food so he doesn't get poisoned. So I'm sitting there watching this and they talk to some guy, didn't really give a title, no big deal. He's talking about the process by which they do this, over his right shoulder, very visible in the camera shot was a Heinz ketchup bottle that said "Kerry flip-flop." No comment on it. No nothing. It was just out there. This was perfect propaganda. Perfect. The alternative media, all of the people who are involved in this, need to engage the mainstream media on its own ground. And we have to do it in a number of different ways. First way, I think, the alternative media would do well to help promote in any way, shape or form, internet connections and easy access to internet and easy access to machines in poor and rural communities. One of the best things I saw out on the inauguration route, besides the tens of thousands of protesters, were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of alternative journalists out there with their cameras and their little PDA things, this thing right here, you know? Instantaneous reporting on what's actually happening. We engage these people on their own ground and we make them irrelevant. It can happen. It is happening.