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Tom Engelhardt
TomDispach.com / The Nation Institute
New York, NY

33 Irving Place - 8th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Work: 212-769-0714

"So we've had a demobilized press, and we've had an extremely geopolitically mobilized administration. What I see myself doing in a very, very teeny way, and also our book series doing, is trying to connect some of the dots that aren't being connected here, so you can possibly see how the world fits together in various ways."
Tom Inglehardt, in an April 2004, interview.

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political blog on the left

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See a transcript of an interview with Tom Englehardt from April, 2004..

Tom Engelhardt is a writer and editor of TomDispatch.com. He's the author of the books "The End of Victory Culture," "Disillusioning of a Generation," and "Last Days of Publishing" among others. Engelhardt also is the consulting editor for Metropolitan Books, a fellow of the Nation Institute, and teaches journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

Engelhardt says he experienced despair over the mainstream media coverage of post-Sept. 11, 2001.

"I started to realize that we had taken for ourselves all the roles on earth of ultimate survivor, ultimate victim, and ultimate dominator leaving only the role of ultimate evil for the rest of the world. Reading the coverage, I couldn't take it -- I have two kids. I felt like I could do something," Engelhardt said in one interview.

Engelhardt decided to make a list of relatives and other friends to send articles about issues in the news that were not getting much coverage. People started writing back and this started Engelhardt thinking about beginning a project. He called Hamilton Fish at the Nation Institute to suggest Tomdispatch.com. Fish liked the idea and he decided to fund the project as well as make Engelhardt a fellow. In the fall of 2005, Tomdispatch.com had over 15,000 subscribers who receive new messages about upcoming events and media.

The website offers voices from elsewhere that could offer a clearer sense of how "this imperial globe of ours actually works." The website includes articles as well as older posts. Other representative links include: The Nation Institute, AlterNet, Asia Times, Open Democracy, and The Nation Magazine.

ALSO SEE: "THE MEDIA'S ROVING EYE", by Tom Engelhardt, of Tomdispatch.com, which connects some recent media 'dots' to a few forgotten ones and offers Engelhardt's framework for understanding the Plame case. VIEWABLE AT: http://www.alternet.org/story/23790/

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