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Jack Kavanagh
Rough & Tumble / Jack Kavanagh
Sacramento, CA

2308 Swarthmore Drive
Sacramento, CA 95825
Work: 916-925-5837

pre-eminent blogger on Sacramento politics/ex-TV reporter

Below from http://rtumble.com/sub_files/contact.htm:

Jack Kavanagh has been a political reporter for nearly thirty years and has received 2 Emmy awards plus a "Telly" award, which is presented by PBS and is their version of the Emmy, for his television reporting. In California, Kavanagh reported for ABC and now CBS affiliate KOVR-TV as well as PBS affiliate KVIE-TV. Kavanagh covered the the start of the first Gulf War from Washington and has covered the national political conventions since 1976.

Kavanagh provides media training to major companies around the country including the University of Phoenix, Sutter Hospitals, The Civil Justice Association of California, the California Alliance for Child and Family Services, The Bureau of State Audits and others. He is also a freelance television reporter and producer and writes a regular monthly column on television and politics for Political Pulse.

Kavanagh began Rough & Tumble in the early 1990's as an in-house television newsroom publication to help reporters and producers better understand California politics. It went on the Internet shortly thereafter and now attracts an average of 20,000 page views daily. Jack and his wife Irene live in Sacramento.

Below excerpt from http://www.rtumble.com/sub_files/background.htm:

What is Rough & Tumble? A daily digest of links to stories about California public policy and politics published in 22 newspapers on the Internet. The site originated in 1997 as a way to help news managers at a local station understand the scope of the issues facing Californians every day. Rough & Tumble was designed to help add breadth to that daily decision making process in local TV news

Balance and fairness: Rough & Tumble does not promote any political point of view either by including stories or excluding items.

Evolution: The site was originally designed as a tool to assist television news producers. Since Rough & Tumble content is collected on the Internet it only made sense to distribute that content on the Internet as well. The focus is unchanged – to provide a snapshot of California public policy and politics on any given day. Rough & Tumble is used by public policy professionals in California and Washington, reporters and editors at major news organizations as well as students, teachers and politically engaged voters.

Content: Rough & Tumble does not provide original content but rather links to content published at what are considered to be trustworthy and reliable sources of information on the internet. All stories include the name of the original writer and the name of the publication.